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  Recruiting for Academic Institutions in Europe


Academic Jobs Eu is the leading recruitment web site for Academic Institutions in Europe. Academic Jobs Eu gives job seekers direct free access to vacancies, and offers recruiters a unique opportunity to advertise these vacancies to the best, most forward-looking people in Academia.

A dynamic and independent business we already help some of the biggest and best universities and research institutes in the EU to advertise all their vacancies – quickly, efficiently, simply – and also to contact outstanding potential recruits directly using our extensive CV database. This is high quality recruitment and headhunting direct from your desktop. In addition, we assist many of our clients to improve the on-line vacancies section of their own web sites and we encourage many others to take advantage of our leading-edge Application Handling System to take their recruitment process to the next level of efficiency –where the majority of the filtering, sorting and response process is done with a click of the mouse.

For recruiters, this simply represents a new level of service. So, if this all sounds like an attractive recruitment package to you, read on.

We want to help you move your recruitment process on to a higher level.

  • Instant Job Advertising to a pan European audience. Withhold your contact details or publish them.
  • When you post a Job Advert our Job Search Agents will immediately send an email with details of the job to any candidates who match your requirements. You could be receiving applications within minutes of posting the Job Advert.
  • Conveniently formatted comparison tables of job applicants. Instantly filter, rank and respond to applicants using the Academic Jobs Eu Application Handling System. All carried out with convenient single click actions.
  • A searchable database of CVs that you can filter to match your precise requirements.
  • CV Agents that automatically email you when a new candidate matching your requirements becomes available.
  • Create a forward thinking and dynamic impression with potential candidates by utilising the Internet effectively.

This entire process can be carried out in real time with very simple and convenient single click actions carried out entirely on the secure Academic Jobs Eu system. The process involves no paper and facilitates rapid and efficient recruitment giving you more time to concentrate on who you want to employ rather than how you are going to administer the recruitment process.

Once you have registered, which is free, you will have your own Username and Password to access your account. This gives you access to your Home Page where you can view and edit your personal and organisation's details, your job adverts and applicants. Base cost for job posting is Euros 100 (UK Pounds 60) per ad per 30 days.

Go straight to registration and post your first job or search the CV database. 

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