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  Job Advertising

Posting a job advert is very simple and once you are registered results in instant access to post your vacancies in the Jobs Database. All our services are extremely cost effective. Our services are designed to make your recruitment process as efficient and effective as possible:

  • Automatic email alert to all matching candidates.
  • Control over which contact details are displayed on the advert
  • and what the contact methods are to be.
  • Accept job applications on-line or off-line.
  • Browse comparison tables of applicants.
  • Sort and filter applicants based on various parameters online.
  • Filter and rank applicants automatically based on a self defined application form.
  • Respond to applicants at the touch of a button using our Application Handling System.
  • Your own home page where you can keep track of your job adverts and applicants.

You have the choice of two types of job advert:

  1. A Standard job advert is quick and easy to create and follows a predetermined format.
  2. A Premier advert features in the list of Premier adverts, appears at the top of any job advert list, allows up to eight discipline categories and can have any appearance you wish. A Premier advert is created by generating html code and uploading images (this can be done by your graphic design house). We can assist in generating a Premier advert for an additional charge.
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