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If you are looking for a full time, part time or contract position in a European academic institution we can help. Search for academic jobs in our database and enter your CV, in complete confidence, into our database. YOU control whether your identity and contact information is displayed on your CV and YOU specify which organisations to block from viewing your CV (Only registered organisation representitives are permited to search the CV database). Activate your email Job Search Agent to alert you of any suitable jobs as soon as they are posted. All at no cost to you!

Your Own Personal Homepage

If you really want to take your job search process to a new level of efficiency then register to set up your free account with Academic Jobs EU. All information submitted is entirely confidential, no one else will be able to access your account information without your express wishes. The benefits to you are:

  • Enter your personal information only once. No need to re-enter every time you want to apply for a job.
  • Activate your Job Search Agent that will keep a constant look-out, 24 hours a day for a job that matches your CV. If a suitable job is found an email is immediately sent to you detailing the position and including a hot-link to the full job advert where you can make an on-line application. No more missed opportunities. You could have applied for a job within minutes of the advert going live.
  • Job Applications couldn't be easier. Simply click "Apply for this job", select which CV you wish to send, type or paste a cover letter, click "Apply Now" and that's it. You've made a job application that goes straight to the recuiter in seconds.
  • Enter your CV into the database and gain access to the hidden job market. In fact you may enter multiple CVs for different job applications. You can also choose to have your CV made available to recruiter searches if you wish. You can control how much of your CV the recruiter will be able to see and whether your identity is revealed on your CV.
  • Block any organisation you want from accessing your CV. If you wish, no one will be able to identify you from your CV. When a recruiter needs to contact you they use a confidential contact system that does not reveal your identity or email address to them. Only when/if you apply for a job (your identity can even be withheld from your initial application) or accept an invitation to interview will your contact details be made available to the recruiter, if you agree.
  • Your own personal home page where you can review and edit your CVs.

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