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allbiosolutionGet all type of informations, education, scholarships, biotechnology, bioinformatics, jobs, postdoc, phd, companies etc
At Help Me Learn Russian learn to speak Russian language. At Help Me Learn Russian get your Free Russian Words; your Free Demo Software to Learn Russian; and a for Russian Translation.
e-Learning Centre The e-Learning Centre is the world's largest free information resource about e-learning. The main focus is on adult e-learning, i.e. e-Learning in the Workplace, in Higher Education and in Continuing Professional Development.
EarthworksWorldwide careers in geoscience and related subjects
International Journal of Sports Marketing & SponsorshipQuarterly publication of peer-reviewed articles, case studies and interviews by academics and professionals worlwide.
malciu danOur web site is trying to set people on the right way to lower their blood pressure, to enjoy a normal healthy life, without blood pressure problems at all
Net-guidancefree access web site about jobs and training in Europe.
Times Higher Education SupplementHigher education jobs, news and books for university and college professionals in teaching and research, from The Times Higher Education Supplement.
Universities UKUniversities UK produces a regular digest of House of Commons and Lords business on issues affecting higher education for its members. Weekly summaries of this parliamentary activity and important European events which have an impact on our universities are listed below.
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