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  Academic Jobs EU - Academic Institutions
All Engineering SchoolsAll Engineering Schools makes it easy to find the engineering colleges that interest you. Search for engineering schools by location, program type, or specialty.
Edinburgh College of Art
Glasgow Caledonian University
Heriot-Watt University
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Max Planck Institute for Demographic ResearchDemographic Research
Max Planck SocietyMax Planck Society
Napier University
School of Life SciencesHeriot-Watt school of Life Sciences
The Robert Gordon University
UHI Millenium InstituteU-H-I Millennium Institute (UHI) is a higher education institution providing university-level courses and research opportunities throughout the Highlands & Islands of Scotland and beyond.
University Of Aberdeen
University Of Abertay Dundee
University of Bristol Department of Economics
University Of Dundee
University Of Edinburgh
University Of Glasgow
University of Kent - Department of PsychologyDepartment of Psychology
University Of PaisleyThe University of Paisley is dedicated to providing the very best in high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education. We are recognised as one of the most progressive institutions in the Scottish Higher Education sector, with a long tradition of applied research and innovation. This helps us shape course development, enhances our teaching, and provides our students with a real head start in their chosen careers.
University Of St Andrews
University Of StirlingStirling is a research-led institution that has witnessed a dramatic upturn in its research performance as measured by the most recent national Research Assessment Exercise. Income from research grants has also increased dramatically in recent years, with the University’s target of £10M well within its sights.
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