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5 Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate PhD Fellowships for Early Stage Researchers EID

Organisation's Logo
Politecnico di Milano - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

DEADLINE 31/05/2021 23:00 - Brussels

Biomedical engineering,
Chemical engineering,
Water resources engineering.

RESEARCHER PROFILE - First Stage Researcher (R1)
TYPE OF CONTRACT - Temporary 36 months
JOB STATUS - Full-time

Applications are welcome for the opening of 5 ESRs positions associated with PhD-level research activities as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Industrial Doctorate programme related to the Consortium “REMEDI”.

The latter leverages on a partnership between Politecnico di Milano (Italy), the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) and TAUW GMBH (Germany).

ESR 1 - Host: The University of Warwick

Assessing the potential of Fe containing (geo)materials as filter-stable sorbent materials for removal of Contrasting Media Agents (CMA)
Objectives: Determine sorption capacity of selected Contrasting Media Agents, including kinetic behavior associated with sorbents (with ESR 2, 5); determine the influence of environmental variables on sorption capacity and kinetics (with ESR 2, 3); development of design criteria for a CMA-removal systems based on selected sorbent materials (with ESR 4); optimization of the properties of the selected sorbents in view of recycling or application of recovered agent as contrast media (with ESR 5).

ESR 2 - Host: The University of Warwick

Appraisal of the main environmental effects of Fe supplementation on Contrasting Media Agents (CMA) dynamics in soil-water systems
Objectives: Investigate the long-term effect of Fe supplementation to soil-water systems (including lakes and rivers) on the speciation of CM agents in sediments; assess binding of dissolved CMA to Fe-containing geo-materials under various flow conditions (with ESR 1, 4); investigate the effect of adding Fe-containing materials to the system on seasonal CMA dynamics (with ESR 1, 4) and characterize impacts on environmental variables of the water body (with ESR 3, 5).

ESR 3 - Host: Politecnico di Milano

Design of a system to intercept Contrasting Media Agents (CMA) fluxes in and out of a drained region
Objectives: Concept and design of a CMA removal system based on Fe-containing sorbent geomaterials; test the application of the system in an industrially relevant context (with ESR 5); derive hydrological/hydrogeological criteria for the design of CMA-removal systems (based on, e.g., temporal changes in permeability or other system attributes; with ESR 1, 4); study the bonding of CMA in exemplary natural settings and ensuing geochemical alterations upon exposure to geochemical field conditions (with ESR 2); assessment about the long-term stability of Fe-containing sorbents under realistic conditions.

ESR 4 - Host: Politecnico di Milano

Analysis of the effect of Fe addition to sediments on the target geochemical processes
Objectives: Determine the dynamics of major geochemical cycles and solute fluxes through analysis of the impacts of pore-water composition, solid phase speciation, and reaction rates; simulate geochemical cycles using an early diagenetic modelling approach; simulate the effect of geochemical cycles on the mobilization of CMAs, considering the role of Fe as a geochemical barrier.

ESR 5 - Host: Politecnico di Milano

Mechanistic studies on Contrasting Media Agents (CMA) dynamics in natural and engineered porous media
Objectives: Study the effects of inorganic and organic solutes on the structure, colloidal behaviour and uptake of Fe oxidation products (laboratory experiments; field studies with ESR1, 2); study the transformation of CMA-containing porous (geo)materials as a function of solution and/or soil chemistry (with ESR 2); uptake of CMAs by fresh precipitates and retention/release during ageing (ESR 1, 2).

For ADDITIONAL INFO & REQUIREMENTS see the job offer 629536.

Status: PhD Studentship
Location: Milan, ITALY
Advert Published: 3 May 2021
Expiry date: 31 May 2021
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