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Microbiology TechnicianFermoy, County Cork, IRELAND
Post Doctorate in Animal Health and WelfareCo. Cork, IRELAND
Integrated Weed Management Scientist (Permanent)Carlow, IRELAND
Post Doctoral Microbiology ResearcherFermoy, County Cork, IRELAND
Post Doctoral Researcher in Process EngineeringAshtown, Dublin 15, IRELAND
Post Doctoral Researcher in Bio-processingAshtown, Dublin 15, IRELAND
Senior Research Fellow - Computing and EngineeringHuddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM
Post-Doctoral Researcher (Sustainability)Co Galway, IRELAND
Associate Professor - Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence or Algorithms and Data StructuresCopenhagen, DENMARK
Staff Scientist - Condensed Matter TheoryKlosterneuburg, AUSTRIA
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