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Research Officer – Meat Scientist,  Teagasc
Job Title:

Research Officer Meat Formulation Scientist (Permanent) (Ref: 158)

Basic Function:

Teagasc seeks to appoint a Research Officer to contribute to the development, management and leadership in the Teagasc meat research programme.

The role will involve enhancing the understanding of, and developing optimization approaches for meat products and novel alternatives/ analogues,...

Location: Dublin 15, IRELAND
Job Type: Researcher
Research Fellow – Environmental Sustainability,
Job Title:

Post Doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 (PD1) Greengas Cluster (Temporary) (Ref: 172)

Basic Function of the role:

To analyse the economic and environmental sustainability of biogas production from grass and grass-based products:

(1) collation of data specific to a recently constructed anaerobic digestion plant at Teagasc Grange,
(2) development of a life cycle assessme...

Location: Meath, IRELAND
Job Type: Research Fellow
Research Fellow - Microbiome Cell Biologist,  Teagasc
Post Doctoral Research Fellow Level 2 (PD2 APC Microbiome Ireland Cell Biologist (Temporary)(Ref:177)(Ref:177)

Basic Function and Background to the role:

Artugen Therapeutics, a spin out from APC Microbiome Ireland, is an early clinical stage company focused on harnessing recent advances in microbiome science to identify novel Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) to help patients living wit...

Location: Cork, IRELAND
Job Type: Research Fellow
Research Fellow - Agri-Environmental Science,  Teagasc

PD1 Post Doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 (PD1) - Agri-Environmental Science - Modeling Livestock Emissions MELS (Temporary) (Ref: 171)


The successful candidate will work on a project externally funded by FACCE ERA-GAS.

The project, titled mitigating emissions from livestock systems (MELS), will quantify climate warming emissions from livestock producti...

Location: Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford, IRELAND
Job Type: Research Fellow
Technologist – Food Science (Insects),  Teagasc
Job title:

Technologist Valuable Insects for Food VALUSECT (Ref 164)

Basic Function of the Role:

The successful applicant will play a key role in supporting an EU funded research programme (ValuSect, Interreg European project) where the candidate will carry out sample preparation and analysis of insect based products to determine composition, shelf-life analysis and functionality.

Location: Dublin 15, IRELAND
Job Type: Faculty Position
Research Fellow - Soil Nutrient Science,  Teagasc
Job title: PD1 Soil Nutrient Dynamics and Efficiency (Temporary) (Ref: 174)

Basic Function and background to the Role:

This Post-Doctoral Research position affiliated with the Farm Sustainability Tools for Efficient Nitrogen use (FaSTEN) research project will develop new knowledge to improve nutrient use efficiency on farms thus reducing potential nitrogen (N) losses to water and gaseous e...

Location: Co Wexford, IRELAND
Job Type: Researcher
Technician - Horticulture,  Teagasc

Horticulture Technician (Permanent) (Ref: 162)


The appointee will provide horticulture technical assistance and guidance to support field or laboratory based research, including sampling, measurement, data recording and analysis of experimental information across the horticulture research programme including mushroom research, glasshouse research and field produ...

Location: Ashtown, Dublin 15, IRELAND
Job Type: tbc
Research Fellow - Fermentation/Microbiology,  Teagasc
Job Reference:

Level 1 (PD1) - EBSTAR Project (Temporary) (Ref: 163)

Basic Function and Background to the role:

The EBSTAR project (Efficient Biotransformation of Underutilised and Waste Food Processing Streams into Alternative and Renewable Products) is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and aims to adopt a microbial biotransformation approach to the valorisation of waste streams from...

Location: Cork, IRELAND
Job Type: Research Fellow
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